Keeping your office and retail space, shooting areas, bathrooms, and other workspace free of lead contamination should be a top concern for all gun ranges. Lead dust can migrate from the shooting range into these spaces on shoes, clothing, gun bags, and skin. And this means that everyone that enters your store can be subject to lead dust.

A regular regimen of cleaning floors and wiping down surfaces with a heavy-metal cleaner can help reduce the risk of lead exposure to your customers and employees. En.Range is a distributor for ESCA-TECH, a recognized leader in de-leading products. We offer all of these products, even in bulk:

  • D-LEAD® Hand Soap
  • D-LEAD® Abrasive Hand Soap
  • D-LEAD® Hand Wipes
  • D-LEAD® All Purpose Cleaner
  • D-LEAD® Surface Cleaner
  • D-LEAD® Respirator Detergent
  • D-LEAD® Surface Test Kits
  • D-WIPE® Towelettes
  • D-STEP® Disposable Tacky Mats
  • D-STEP® Permanent Tacky Mats
  • D-STEP® Tacky Mat Cleaning Kit

We also offer the necessary dispensers, brackets, and pumps that can be used in bathrooms, sales areas, and on the range.

Ballistic Rubber

Many gun range owners don’t realize that there are different types of granulated rubber. If you use shredded conveyor belt, shredded car tires, rubber landscape mulch, or playground mulch, you are not using rubber rated for ballistic use.

Granulated rubber is one of the largest expenses that gun ranges don’t think about. As rounds strike the granulated rubber, it slowly breaks down. What once started as a ¾” chunks of rubber that absorbed impacts, has now degraded to a dense rubber that requires cleaning much more often. Also, the fibers in the rubber become exposed and represent a genuine fire hazard.

The quality of granulated ballistic rubber can vary widely depending on the supplier. Avoid using granulated rubber made from shredded tire casings, conveyor belts, or any other feedstock that is heavy with reinforcing fibers.

En.Range offers granulated ballistic rubber in 50lb bags or 2,000 supersacks. Calls us today for a free quote at 305-999-9965 x120.

HEPA Vacuum

The right HEPA vacuum can save your employees time when cleaning the range after a busy day of shooters. It can also reduce the amount of range rubbish that gets pushed into your granulated rubber when the range floors are squeegeed.

En.Range is a proud reseller of Tiger-Vac HEPA vacuums. Tiger-Vac is well-known as an industry leader in HEPA vacuum solutions for use on gun ranges. They have even developed 3-motor solution specifically for gun ranges with the power to deal with heavy lead dust.

Call us to today for more information and special pricing.

Ventilation & Filters

The filters in your ventilation system protect your clients and employees from airborne lead dust. The type and quality of the filters used in the system have a direct correlation to the cleanliness of the air.

Did you know that manufactures make filters specifically for gun ranges? Lead dust is many times heavier than other type of industrial dust. And having a pre-filter fail or blow-out means replacing HEPA filters prematurely. Don’t risk it.

En.Range offers for sale the widest range of pleated, pocket, and HEPA filters for use in gun ranges. We can help tailor a filter solution that is cost effective while minimizing the need for filter changes.

HAZMAT Supplies

En.Range can coordinate the disposal of the hazardous lead-contaminated waste produced by your range, such as filters, cleaning materials, personal protective equipment, and other lead-contaminated items.

Recycled Range Equipment

Decommissioned ranges can be a great source of recycled targeting systems, shooting booths, components, and other equipment after it has been properly cleaned. Recycled equipment will be listed in this section when it is available.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Information coming soon.

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Give us a call at (305) 999-9965 x 120 to talk right now, or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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