Services Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor Ranges

En.Range is a full-service solution for all indoor firing ranges. It doesn’t matter what kind of bullet trap your range has, we are experts in cleaning and maintaining it. And we do it better and faster than the other guys—which means your range is available sooner to paying customers.

Our services include:

  • Lead reclamation from ballistic rubber traps
  • Servicing and cleaning steel rubber traps
  • Installation and replacement of rubber curtains
  • Minor servicing of carriers and targeting systems
  • HEPA vacuuming and de-lead wipe-down of all surfaces, including floor, walls, shooting booths, carriers, lighting, and baffles
  • HVAC system maintenance and cleaning
  • Filter changes and disposal of contaminated filters
  • Disposal of hazardous lead-contaminated waste
  • Replacement and installation of ballistic granulated rubber
  • Installation of rubber panels and sound proofing

We also offer all the products your range needs, from filters to granulated ballistic rubber.

Outdoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Ranges

We understand that the lead on your range is an important source of income. En.Range will work hard to recover the maximum amount of lead. Whether your berms are earth, sand, or ballistic rubber, En.Range has the expertise to get the job done right. We’ve recovered millions of pounds of outdoor lead for our clients.

While recovering lead is an important part of the job, returning the berm and surrounding areas to the original condition is extremely important. When we complete a range, we return it to the original condition so that it can go right back to earning for you.

Shooting Range Services Shotgun Ranges

Shotgun Ranges

Skeet • Trap • Sporting Clays

Many shotgun ranges are feeling environmental pressures. En.Range can tackle even difficult to recover skeet, trap, and sporting clay fields. We have the fastest and most efficient equipment for dealing with lead shot and we can get more than the other guys. We’ve recovered millions of pounds of outdoor lead for our clients and returned hundreds of thousands of dollars to their operation.

Most importantly, we can work with you so that your shot fields can stay in operation where possible. When it comes time to reclaim the lead from your fields, En.Range is best solution.

Services Commercial Shooting Range

Commercial Ranges

Your gun range is a business. And you need to stay profitable to stay in business. En.Range helps gun ranges stay out of the crosshairs of government agencies while helping to monetize their lead and brass as an reliable revenue stream.

En.Range is a full-service environmental and cleaning company. From lead recovery to filtration to compliance, we put our expertise to work so that you focus on your core business. You remember that, right? It’s why you own a gun range in the first place.


Government Ranges

En.Range is the expert when it comes to meeting the needs of the military. Federal regulations can be a too stringent for other companies, but not for us. We have contracts with military installations across the U.S.


Law Enforcement Ranges

En.Range has contracts with law enforcement agencies—at the federal, state, and local levels—across the United States. We maintain indoor rubber ranges, hybrid indoor/outdoor facilities, outdoor ranges using rubber and earthen berms, as well as labs and testing facilities.

A few days downtime can delay training or qualifications and cost your department thousands of dollars in time alone. En.Range is the fastest and most efficient full-service company in the business.

Call us and find out why we are the choice of law enforcement agencies across the country.

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