From lead reclamation to recycling your brass to the products you use every day, En.Range can help your range be cleaner, more efficient, and more profitable.

We offer our services nationwide to clients that include Federal & State agencies, sheriff’s offices, police departments, colleges and universities, sportsman’s and gun clubs, and commercial shooting ranges.

If clear and concise pricing, paired with the fastest and most efficient lead reclamation services in the industry are the goal, then En.Range is the best solution. Call us today for a free quote at (305) 999-9965.


Indoor Ranges

En.Range is a full-service solution for all indoor gun ranges. We service, maintain, and clean all types of bullet trap systems. We are the experts. And we are faster than our competitors. Less downtime means your range will be returned sooner to paying customers.

Outdoor Ranges

We understand that the lead that has accumulated on your range is an important source of revenue. Whether your berms are earth, sand, or ballistic rubber, En.Range has the expertise to get the job done right. We’ve recovered millions of pounds of outdoor lead for our clients.

Shotgun Ranges

Many ranges are feeling environmental pressures, especially those with skeet, trap, and sporting clay fields. En.Range can tackle even difficult to recover fields. By recovering lead shot, we’ve returned hundreds of thousands of dollars to range owners and operators each year.



Your gun range is a business. And you need to stay profitable to stay in business. We help gun ranges stay out of the crosshairs of environmental and safety issues, while helping to monetize their lead and brass as a reliable revenue stream.


En.Range is the go-to expert when it comes to meeting the needs of federal, state, and local agencies. Government regulations can often be too confusing or stringent for other companies in the gun range cleaning industry, but not for us.


En.Range has contracts with law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels across the country. We maintain indoor rubber ranges, hybrid indoor/outdoor facilities, outdoor ranges, portable ranges. as well as labs.


Ventilation & Filters

The filters used in your ventilation system protect your clients and employees from airborne lead dust. We resell for most of the major filter manufacturers that make products for gun ranges, including Air Filters Inc, Camfil, and AAF/Flanders.

De-leading Products

Keeping your space free of lead dust means maintaining an effective cleaning regimen. En.Range is a distributor for ESCA-TECH, a recognized leader in de-leading products. We can provide D-LEAD products, hand soap, tacky mats, and test kits.


Lead and Brass Buying Program

We understand that lead and brass are an important revenue stream for gun range owners. En.Range buys millions of pounds of these metals from ranges each year. Want to know what makes us different? We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We don’t bait-and-switch or blame the market. When we offer a price, that is the price you receive.

Tired of dealing with unreliable buyers or taking your metals to a local scrapper? With our brass buying program, we will provide the containers, schedule regular pickups, and offer payment the same day.

If you value efficiency and fairness, then give us a call today at (305) 999-9965.

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