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Our expertise in the operation, maintenance, ventilation, and cleaning of gun ranges can help you make the right design and architectural decisions when building a shooting range.

You will build your range only once, but your staff will have to clean and maintain it every day. Making the right decisions when building out your range can significantly reduce the costs associated with filter changes, daily maintenance & cleaning, and the outsourced cost of lead recovery and de-leading of the gun range and adjacent spaces.


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The ventilation system in your gun range protects your employees and clients from airborne lead dust. The type and manufacturer of the filter has a direct effect on the quality of the air on the shooting range. We resell for most of the major filter manufacturers, including Air Filters Inc, Camfil, and AAF/Flanders among others.

Air filters designed for gun ranges are more expensive than those used in other industries. Lead dust is extremely heavy and can stress pocket and pleated filters to the point of failure. It is extremely important to choose the right filtration for the job to protect the more expensive HEPA filters in the system.

En.Range has helped many gun range owners to improve their ventilation by making easy changes, such as upgrading to pocket filters instead of using pleated filters.


At En.Range, we truly believe that gun range owners want to do the right thing. We also believe that, despite the political environment, the government agency workers want to do the right thing also. And we also believe that the regulations that OSHA, EPA, and DEP are tasked with enforcing help keep us safe from the dangers of lead exposure.

At some point, many gun ranges will feel the pressure from the agencies. En.Range can help your gun range get back on track and in compliance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us early in the process for help.

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